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bottoms up in japanese

What does "Kanpai" mean?

First of all, in Japan there is the tradition of saying a very special word when toasting. And that word is 乾杯 (かんぱい, kanpai). But what does it mean? Here is the explanation:

Of course if we translate it to the practical meaning, it would mean "toast" or "cheers", but if we look at the kanji it has a more interesting meaning. 乾, the first kanji is used for example in the word 乾く (かわく, kawaku), which means "to dry up". 杯, the second kanji, is mostly used as a "wine cup" or an "alcoholic drink cup".

So, if we join both meanings and add a little feeling, it would mean "let's dry up our glasses!"


shopping day

well today was quite a sucessfull shopping day. got 2 artist pose models for a few quid to help me in my drawing human body proportions. got a new pot of my undercoat for my eyeshadow as I'll be using lots if I working each day in boots. got 3 new tops to wear to work as I seem to have misplaced all my black tshirts somewhere in the house and havn't seen them for nearly 2 weeks now! got a new tub of fat balls for the birds as they have been comprehensivly eating us out of house and home recently and I was very good and resisted buying any more books. (a rarity for me) No joy on finding any nice comfy shoes to work in but I recon I'll be ok in what I have so no real panic there. The camera was returned to the shop and they have sent it off to germany I think to the repair center. The man in the shop said it might well be a product failure as he has had a few of my brand of camera come in with this fault. In any event its prob going to cost another £100 or so to get it fixed. *sigh* it seems like nothing but bills and money going out at the moment and not a lot coming in. I hope Tribe of Frog new sat is good as I really need to cover all my costs. I got comprehensivly soaked in a very short lived downpour that was almost over and done with before I could even get my umbrella up. Have crept under a duvet to warm up now that I have gotten home. I may be here some time :P


I think I am fucking jinxed. I've only just managed to replace my graphics tablet when today both my dvd player and my camera have gone wrong. The lense won't close down on my camera anymore. It was fine an hour ago and it has recieved no knocks etc. It's just decided to not work anymore and the camera auto shuts down now because it detects a fault. I think I'm going to have to make a trip to the camerra store to see if they have any ideas on how to fix it :(


My mother is on her holidays at the moment so we went out to Kingswood to do some trawling through the charity shops. I got quite a good haul of stuff. 2X Louis Armstrong CDs, 4 Books, A new M&S top and 4 hair sticks :)


hedgerow foraging

I love this time of year. Went out foraging throgh the community woodlands and hedgerows and came home with loads of juicy blackberries and 3 carrier bags full of apples. It always seems such an almost criminal that so much food goes to waste at this time of the year.

A Little Love Poem by andy weaver

A Little Love Poem

Someone who hates scrabble.

Someone who sleeps on her back near an open window in winter, her breath rolling like a river into night.

Someone who wants me to wake her in the morning by reading ee cummings' love poems, giving a small candle-flicker of a smile just before opening her eyes.

Someone who appreciates the architecture of churches, but refuses to step inside.

Someone who has hands fit to hold hurt sparrows and robins.

Someone who threw out an her Alice Cooper records when she found out he loves to golf.

Someone who would swerve a new car into the ditch to avoid a frog crossing the road.

Someone who would tattoo my name on her arm in writing the same colour as her skin, so it would appear slowly from nowhere when she suntanned, people thinking her blood was telling secrets to the world of its own accord.

Someone who learned Spanish to read Marquez, or Lorca, or Neruda.

Someone whose hips whisper their own stories of the serpent and the garden of Eden.

Someone who bites the back of my neck like a leopardess carrying her kitten to safety.

Someone who'll make me wait for her to come out of the shower.

Someone whose smallest movements amaze me: her hair falling over her eyes, the soft swell of her hips when she ties down, a deep sigh when she sleeps.

Someone who maps every ticklish part of my body and then uses her knowledge strictly for evil.

Someone who paints our bodies black and makes love with me under the stars.

Someone who burns through my chest like that first shot of scotch.

Someone whose tongue, if we're kept apart too long, would nervously trace my face into the roof of her mouth.

Someone who practises her signature with her wrong hand, in case of accidents or a sudden arrest.

Someone whose fingrnails smell faintly of her hair.

Someone who reminds me of the soft tickle of fog.

Someone who would rush outside in the middle of the night, setting a spider onto the lawn, never admitting it's because she hates rain.

Someone who understands the unforgivable importance of ravens.

Someone wholl flicker into my lips with the ferocity of a dragonfly.

Someone who will open, thick, pungent and vital, like a Mapplethorpe flower.

Someone who has searched for me like a near-sighted woman groping for her glasses, stubbing her toes and swearing in Yiddish.

Someone who would understand why Steve and Dave and Paul and I sat in a bar staring at the mirror behind us for twenty minutes because somebody had asked what would happen if you looked at yourself in a mirror using a pair of binoculars unti1 we had to admit the question was too big for us, and we turned back to the safe optics of the beer bottle.

Someone who would just happen to cut my wrist shortly after reading Ondaatje's "The Time Around Scars. "

Someone who'll stare softly but straight at me, smiling reassuringly when I tell her how my 73 year old Medieval lit prof looked up from Chaucer, stared blankly over the class's heads and said that even the happiest marriage will end in death.

Someone who understands the efficiency inherent in suicide.

Someone who knows that love can be the thickest slice of hell we’ll ever taste.

Someone who would dance with me by the sides of highways.


The Time Around Scars by Michael Ondaatje

The Time Around Scars by Michael Ondaatje

A girl whom I've not spoken to
or shared coffee with for several years
writes of an old scar.
On her wrist it sleeps, smooth and white,
the size of a leech.
I gave it to her
brandishing a new Italian penknife.
Look, I said turning,
and blood spat onto her shirt.

My wife has scars like spread raindrops
on knees and ankles,
she talks of broken greenhouse panes
and yet, apart from imagining red feet,
(a nymph out of Chagall)
I bring little to that scene.
We remember the time around scars,
they freeze irrelevant emotions
and divide us from present friends.
I remember this girl's face,
the widening rise of surprise.

And would she
moving with lover or husband
conceal or flaunt it,
or keep it at her wrist
a mysterious watch.
And this scar I then remember
is a medallion of no emotion.

I would meet you now
and I would wish this scar
to have been given with
all the love
that never occurred between us.



Just come back from my firt zumba class down at the local leisure center. My mum didn't do it. she muttered something to me and dissapeared within 5 min. it wasn't till about 15 min later when I noticed that she hadn't come back that I realised that she must have left and gone home. I don't think she really got the idea that it dosn't matter if you can't follow the routines and get your arms and legs to be doing the right thing. Goddess knows I was messing it up royaly most of the time *grin* The important thing is just to keep moving because "every movement burns callories" (my dieting and exercise mantra) I managed to keep moving through most of the class though I had to sit down a couple of times as I was overheating. Not that surprising. I was the fattest person in the class (hopefully not for long though) I think I will get a membership which gets me the classes cheaper and it works out more cost effective if I go to 3 or more classes a week. They do zumba in the mornings on 4 days a week which would suit me well enough.

generall update and cds

Been feeling great. I've been keeping to the diet well and managing 2-3 15-40 min workouts each day. The weight is just falling off. I've dropped at least 1/2 stone in the last 3 weeks. Possibly more but it is impossible to tell properly because the bathroom scales are in one of the numerous boxes that now about throughout my house. Still it is now possible for me to nearly fit into some of my other clothes that have been out of bounds for quite some time now. Still not even close to being able to fit into my corsets though. I've got that goal to achieve. Even more than that I am Aiming to actually try to flatten out my stomach muscles properly this time. It's difficult to visulise properly as all I can really see when I look in the mirror is the countless rolls of fat that still adorn my body, but I am sure that if I properly persevere and join a gym once my muscles are strong enough I'll be able to make the weight drop off :D

My mum was off work today so we went down too Keynsham. I persuaded her to walk down as it was a lovely day and we wandered past the ducks in the park all asleep in the sun. We bought the groceries and the birdfood we needed in the poundshop (you would not believe how much the birds are getting through at the moment what with all the babies that have fledged) We stopped off at the leisure center to see about the gym memberships etc but the person in charge of memberships wasn't in till mon, so that will have to wait. We did find out that there was a zumba class tonight at 6.30 so I'm going to try and get my mum down to do it. I suspect she would enjoy it if she actually gets there. We found her a large t-shirt and some short trouser things to weare to it. I'm just going to go in what I usually wear clubbing as I know it is cool and loose enough to energetically dance in for a decent amount of time. I definatly need to do some exercise today as my mum was off this meant that I couldn't do my usuall exercises and she wanted to go out for lunch at the new resturant in Keynsham. I was as good as I could be and only had a starter and some wine instead of a full meal.

After lunch we were poking round in teh charity shops and to my surprise I found a load of disks that I would actually like to have! I got a couple of 'best of opera' selections 'catatonia- international velvet' 'david grey-white ladder' 'alanis morrisett-jagged little pill''enya - paint the sky with stars' and a bbc4 radio adaptation of an Agatha Christie story for my mother. It is very rare that I find anything other than trash in the cd collections in charity shops so I was happily surprised to find all these things together ^^

word of the day

MENDACIOUS : given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth


The newspaper story was mendacious and hurtful.

Indeed, the racist and Malthusian elements in Darwin's work are subjects on which the new secularists are either silent, delicate, or mendacious. —Eugene McCarraher, Commonweal, 15 June 2007

Latin mendac-, mendax, lying

First Known Use: 1616

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