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Quantum Bleep

Went out to quantum Bleep last night down at the caver (at the crown in st nicks) Had a blast of a night ^^ Danced loads and burned off many callories. All was going well till someone bumped my elbow as I was leaving the dancefloor and knocked my entire glass of wine into my eyes (which stung like hell) , all over my hair and down my dress. I had to go and wash my hair out in the ladies :/ Everyone was complimentary about the new way I have been wearing my hair. It does seem to get a lot more knotted this way though.

Time far a change?

With the clubbing season ended I've had more time to myself. Having to put on my cherpy happy work pesona every weekend was getting to feel like a chain round my neck. Too much gloss and not enough substance. All the boxes of my belonging have returned to the house, the sun has taken to shining and I think it is time to restart my diet. I want to fit back into my nice clothes. I want to be able to be ME again.
The new television arrived today. The box is HUGE! Although my rational mind knows that the actuall item isn't going to be as big as the box it is still wonderfully exciting. Its sat in the corner of the livingroom at the moment waiting to escape and set up in its new life.

Still no progress on the cooker being replaced. I made up a large pot of stew in the pressure cooker and Shelia (two houses along) kindly allowed me to use her stovetop to cook it. I stuck in 1/2 the leftover turkey and cooked the hell out of it to kill and bacteria. It smells gorgous.


As if there hadn't been enough crap go on this year I can now add to the list of bloody problems....that there is a considerable damp patch on my mothers bedroom floor (origion unknown) preventing the carpet being laid, the fridge is leaking a puddle of water and the thermostat on the oven has gone haywire causing all my pendants I had made to sell at new year to burn and filling the house with horrible acrid smoke. FFS! When is all this going to end!!!

time passing fast

xmas seems to have crept up rather fast this year. It seems to have gone from november- plenty of time etc to OMG there are only 4 days to go !!!111eleventy! That being said I have almost everything under control. Posted off gifts to my father and gill in scottland. (cost nearly £10 to do so!) The wrapping of the gifts is well under way and currently the floor of the livingroom has vanished under a tidal wave of boxes, paper, tape, scissors and bits of twirly sparkly stuff. The table centers were made yesterday (despite the fact that we have no table still) and are perched decorusly on the end of the ironing board. All this is going to have to take scond place in a bit though as tomorrow the bedroom carpets arrive which means I have to shift all the boxes and furniture and bedding out of the rooms

Dec. 13th, 2012

Well the carpet has arrives and it lookes gorgous. The place actually lookks like a home again and it is soooooo warm bec we are no longer loosing all the heat out the stone floor. Roll on getting the bedrooms done and getting our belongings back outr of storage.
Well the first of this mornings tasks is done. The fis.htank has been emptied and the fish decanted into his bucket (along with his safty plant) for the time being. The gap in the tiles that got missed was filled last night with cement but we have to have the heating on full blast to desperratly try to get it to dry enoght that the carpet can be laied on top of it. Thankfully the phone is once again working so now all I have to do is sit, drink tea and wait for the workmen to call to say when they will be arriving. (Not going to be holding my breath on that one though) It seems very strange sitting in my living room without a telly. It'll be even stranger if we finally get a flat screen to replace the huge box we have atm.


Dec. 11th, 2012

Been without internet or phone the last few days. Bt are useless. It seems that it was an area wide problem, not that they decided to let us know that after we spent 3 hours trying to contact them and report the problem. they just sent a txt message saying they were going to aim to have a look at it in the nesxt 4/5 days maybe...I only found out that the problem had been fixed because my mum was talking to someone on the bus stop who had had the ssame problem and had had their phone come back on this morning. BT decided we didn't need to be let know that things were working again. Perhaps they thought that we were psychic.....or that a magic fluffy bunny would appear from thin air to let us know...grrr. Anyway being back in tough with the rest of the worl is nice. Just got to get on with thae massive amount of furniture moving that is going to happen today as the first lot of carpet arrives tomorrow.

seasonal greetings cards

Christmas card designs by ~Tiger-tyger on deviantART

I've been trying to find some nice cards to sent out. It is nigh on impossible to find anything that looks nice that has anything other than christmas written all over it. Really there are enough non christians around that want to celebrate the season with friends and family that there would be a few more options out there :( Anyway I have made these to print off and send out this year I think. I may still work on some more different ones as well

Tree Sucess

HA! Solved the tree problem. It is now wedged upright in a tub full of marbles and 2 large stones I have gathered in from the garden once it got dark. It no longer lists drunkenly to one side and is in the process of being covered in shiny lights ^^ I may also be able to string the paper chains up by going tohe other way round the room as I will be able to pin into the tops of door frames and tape it to curtain hangers.


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