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shopping day

well today was quite a sucessfull shopping day. got 2 artist pose models for a few quid to help me in my drawing human body proportions. got a new pot of my undercoat for my eyeshadow as I'll be using lots if I working each day in boots. got 3 new tops to wear to work as I seem to have misplaced all my black tshirts somewhere in the house and havn't seen them for nearly 2 weeks now! got a new tub of fat balls for the birds as they have been comprehensivly eating us out of house and home recently and I was very good and resisted buying any more books. (a rarity for me) No joy on finding any nice comfy shoes to work in but I recon I'll be ok in what I have so no real panic there. The camera was returned to the shop and they have sent it off to germany I think to the repair center. The man in the shop said it might well be a product failure as he has had a few of my brand of camera come in with this fault. In any event its prob going to cost another £100 or so to get it fixed. *sigh* it seems like nothing but bills and money going out at the moment and not a lot coming in. I hope Tribe of Frog new sat is good as I really need to cover all my costs. I got comprehensivly soaked in a very short lived downpour that was almost over and done with before I could even get my umbrella up. Have crept under a duvet to warm up now that I have gotten home. I may be here some time :P

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