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generall update and cds

Been feeling great. I've been keeping to the diet well and managing 2-3 15-40 min workouts each day. The weight is just falling off. I've dropped at least 1/2 stone in the last 3 weeks. Possibly more but it is impossible to tell properly because the bathroom scales are in one of the numerous boxes that now about throughout my house. Still it is now possible for me to nearly fit into some of my other clothes that have been out of bounds for quite some time now. Still not even close to being able to fit into my corsets though. I've got that goal to achieve. Even more than that I am Aiming to actually try to flatten out my stomach muscles properly this time. It's difficult to visulise properly as all I can really see when I look in the mirror is the countless rolls of fat that still adorn my body, but I am sure that if I properly persevere and join a gym once my muscles are strong enough I'll be able to make the weight drop off :D

My mum was off work today so we went down too Keynsham. I persuaded her to walk down as it was a lovely day and we wandered past the ducks in the park all asleep in the sun. We bought the groceries and the birdfood we needed in the poundshop (you would not believe how much the birds are getting through at the moment what with all the babies that have fledged) We stopped off at the leisure center to see about the gym memberships etc but the person in charge of memberships wasn't in till mon, so that will have to wait. We did find out that there was a zumba class tonight at 6.30 so I'm going to try and get my mum down to do it. I suspect she would enjoy it if she actually gets there. We found her a large t-shirt and some short trouser things to weare to it. I'm just going to go in what I usually wear clubbing as I know it is cool and loose enough to energetically dance in for a decent amount of time. I definatly need to do some exercise today as my mum was off this meant that I couldn't do my usuall exercises and she wanted to go out for lunch at the new resturant in Keynsham. I was as good as I could be and only had a starter and some wine instead of a full meal.

After lunch we were poking round in teh charity shops and to my surprise I found a load of disks that I would actually like to have! I got a couple of 'best of opera' selections 'catatonia- international velvet' 'david grey-white ladder' 'alanis morrisett-jagged little pill''enya - paint the sky with stars' and a bbc4 radio adaptation of an Agatha Christie story for my mother. It is very rare that I find anything other than trash in the cd collections in charity shops so I was happily surprised to find all these things together ^^

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